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Which water filter is best for home in India

We must make sure that our drinking water in the house is totally safe. The best way to make sure that our drinking water is safe is to have the best water filter purifer fitted in our kitchen. So which is the best drinking water filter purifier to use in our kitchen. This is a very big subject and our website has been adjudged as one of the best websites regarding drinking water filter purifiers. Please visit for a comprehensive study of drinking water and drinking water filter purifiers.

Here below we will summarise and tell you which is the best type of water filter purifier to have for the house and who are the best manufacturers of water filters in India, whose brands you can trust. The names of all the best brands of water filters are listed at the bottom of this page.

The best solution to drinking water problems in the house is to have the very best water filter purifier fitted in our kitchen. The best water filter purifier for drinking water is, without any doubt, the Reverse Osmosis or RO water filter. Below we will describe what an RO water filter is and below that we will introduce the top ten best water filter companies in India, whose RO water filters you can buy with confidence and rest assured that your drinking water in the house is safe.

Safe and best type of water filter to buy in India

The safest and best water filter to buy in India is an RO water filter. An RO water filter works by physically removing all bacteria including the smallest of viruses and also removes all poison chemicals from the water. We will explain how an RO water filter works.

How RO water filters work

To explain how a Reverse Osmosis or RO water filter works, we will make use of the following image. Reverse Osmosis RO water filter purifiers use thin sheets of a material called membranes to filter the water. The membrane in an RO water filter purifier is a very fine filter which can filter out even chemical molecules which are at least a 1000 times smaller than the very smallest disease causing virus and other bacteria. In effect an RO membrane removes all impurities in water including all germs and all poison chemicals, leaving only very pure water for you to drink.

In the diagram below we have given a size comparison of the size of the RO membrane pore or hole and the size of some common impurities in water. This is just to compare the sizes (not to scale here) and to show you that those impurities, even salt molecules and viruses and bacteria cannot pass through.

Sketch showing pore sizes of RO, Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration membranes Vs sizes of microbes and impurities
Size of RO Membrane pore compared to size of common water impurities

In an RO water filter only about 50% of the water coming in to it comes out as purified RO water, the other 50% is wasted. All the impurities removed from the 50% purified water is now in the 50% water that is being wasted.

RO water filter wastes some water

It is true that RO water filter wastes water, which is about the same quantity of the purified water you get. For a normal person, we calculate that he needs 5 liters of water per day for drinking and cooking purposes. This is quite liberal, normally the drinking and cooking water required per person per day will only be about 3 liters. So in a family of 5 persons, the wasted water from an RO will be about 5x5=25 liters of water. When you flush the toilet each time you are wasting at least 5 liters of water. So for argument purpose we can say the RO purifier water wastage is equal to one toilet flush per person per day. If you cannot afford to waste this much quantity of water, then it is possible to collect the RO reject water in buckets or drums and use it for watering plants or washing floors.

Types of RO water filters available in India

There are basically two types of RO water filters available in India. We have pictures of the two types below, on the left is an undersink RO water filter and on the right is a wall mounted RO water filter. Both are storage type RO water filters since they have a storage tank for purified water, and purified water will be available even when there is no electric power in the house.

Photo of a kitchen undersink RO water filter
Undersink RO Purifier
Wall mounted Indian RO water filter
Wall Mounted RO Purifier
Undersink & Wall mounted RO Purifier

We have a dedicated website for water filters where we discuss everything about water and about all types of water filters including the best RO water filters. This is the link to

Top 10 best water filter Brands in India

Here below we have a list of best selling water filter brands in India. They are in alphabetical order and nothing to do with any ranking of water filter brands in India.

Best website about water filters in India

The website is one of the best websites for complete knowledge about water filters and how to select the right water filter for your needs in India.

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