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How good and useful is a microwave oven in India

On this page we discuss how useful a Microwave Oven is in Indian Cooking. Also important technical aspects of microwave ovens are covered. New technology in microwave ovens like the difference between ordinary and inverter Microwave Oven and why inverter microwave ovens are better are also discussed

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In India, making Indian food with a microwave oven is not possible. Indian recipes need some of the masalas to be fried. The microwave oven is very efficient in heating food without the food getting burnt. Therefore in India, the main use of microwave oven iwill be for reheating food. It has become an indispensable tool for most housewives in India, because of the convenience of preserving food in a refrigerator fridge and reheating quickly when it is time to serve food. Other than reheating food, the use of microwave ovens are limited, although in the first few days of purchase of the new microwave ovens many try out some recipes, but quickly give up the idea of trying to cook with a microwave oven.

For reheating food, nothing can beat the microwave oven. Only fried foods and some baked food, like puffs, get soggy when reheated in a microwave oven. For this a regular oven is the best. So many of the modern microwaves have heating coils built in the microwave oven, and the microwave oven doubles up as a regular oven when required. When the microwave oven has heating coils and heated air circulated in the microwave oven to cook, then it is called a convection microwave oven.

Microwave Ovens invented by chance

Microwave Cooking was invented by accident in 1945 in the USA when Mr. Percy Spencer, a researcher with the Raytheon Company, was passing by a live Magnetron (the device which generates the microwaves in Radar), he noticed that the candy bar in his pocket got hot and began to melt.

The first commercial Microwave Ovens were marketed by the Raytheon Company in 1947. These Microwave ovens were huge, about the size of a large Fridge, and expensive at around $3000- in those days. The first practical counter top Microwave Ovens were called the ‘Radarange’ and costing less than $500- were produced in 1967 by Amana Refrigeration, a subsidiary of Raytheon Company. By 1975 Microwave Ovens were being used by about a million US households and became a popular way of cooking.

In India Microwave Ovens became popular only after opening up of the Indian Market in 1991. The popular brands of Microwave Ovens are from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Whirlpool, etc.

Difference between ordinary and inverter Microwave Oven

In an ordinary microwave oven, the magnetron, which produces the microwaves is always at its full power when on. The heating in the microwave oven can only be adjusted by turning ‘on’ and ‘off’ the magnetron during the heating cycle.

In an inverter microwave oven the power level of the magnetron can be adjusted as required by the heating load. Thus the inverter microwave oven is more efficient and powerful. The food can be heated more evenly and even faster than a more powerful ordinary microwave oven. The first microwave ovens with inverters were produced by Panasonic, but now it can be found in almost all brands of Microwave ovens.

Can microwave kill bacteria in food

There is no hard evidence that bacteria in food will be killed if it is microwaved. Research suggests that it is the heat generated by the microwaves that kill bacteria, though common sense will tell us that there are water molecules in bacteria, and if the microwave falls on the bacteria it should kill it with the heat generated. The problem is that microwaves do not penetrate deep into the food, only about 2 centimeters or 1 inch. So to be sure that the food is completely sterilised, the food being reheated in a microwave oven should be kept in a closed non-metallic container, with water sprinkled on the food, if it is dry, and microwaved for sufficient time such that steam escapes from the container.

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