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How to choose chimney size? How to calculate air volume of chimney?

we will tell you how to calculate the size of a chimney required. The basis of the calculation should be the volume of air the chimney can exhaust rather than the width of the chimney. The standard width size of electric kitchen chimneys are usually either 60 centimeters (cms) wide or 90 cms wide. The most important specification of an electric kitchen chimney is its suction power or the volume of air it can throw out of the kitchen in one hour. So the suction capacity of electric kitchen chimney is expressed as Cubic meters per hour. As a rule of thumb, a chimney should be able to suck out at least 10 times the volume of air in the kitchen in one hour. For example if your kitchen is 3 meters wide, 4 meters long and 2.5 meters high, that means your kitchen volume is 3x4x2.5=30 meter cube. So your kitchen chimney should have a suction capacity of at least 30×10=300M3 per hour. The standard suction power of chimneys in India starts from 400M3 per hour and goes upto 1250M3 per hour. One important tip for buying kitchen chimney is to always choose the higher suction power chimney whenever possible.

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Best chimney brands in India

The kitchen chimney is a simple electric fan mounted inside a sheet metal frame which acts as the Kitchen chimney hood. So being not a complicated piece of equipment, the chimney from all kitchen chimney India brands should work fine. Below we have a list of the best chimney brands in India and they all make good chimney for Kitchen in India. All the Chimney brand names in the below list is a clickable link to take you to the manufacturer's website.

Electric chimney buying guide

The list above is a complete list of all the best kitchen chimney manufacturers in India with direct links to the kitchen chimney company’s website. Trying to visit each manufacturer's website and viewing their products will be a tedious affair. A better option will be to visit the website of Amazon India, the Indian operations of the world’s biggest and best online seller of goods. This link will take you directly to the website page of all kitchen chimneys available on

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Which is better exhaust fan or chimney in kitchen?

Chimney or an exhaust fans for the kitchen is essential now. In the old days, our houses had masonry chimneys built into the wall of the kitchen and rising over the roof of our houses. The hot burning exhaust gases and the oil and spice fumes from Indian cooking used to go straight up through the chimney and fresh air used to fill the kitchens from open windows. Things have changed now with flat living and modern houses that have no chimneys.

Now you need either a good exhaust fan or an electric chimney in the kitchen. To save on the cost many think of going in for exhaust fan instead of chimney in the kitchen. So can exhaust fan replace chimney?

The burning gas in the kitchen uses oxygen in air of the kitchen and converts it into mainly hot carbon dioxide and steam. Some poisonous carbon monoxide gas and other unhealthy gases also form during the combustion of LPG gas.

When frying Indian masalas in oil, pungent masala fumes together with burnt oil fumes are all over the kitchen air. People in the kitchen and in the surrounding rooms, including children, are breathing in this air which is not good. The polluted kitchen air causes a lot of health problems like feeling dizzy due to lack of oxygen, headaches, nausea, nose problems like sinusitis, eye problems, allergic reactions like asthma, etc. etc. So it is in everybody’s interest to make sure that all cooking gases are exhausted from the kitchen as efficiently as possible.

How kitchen chimney works

A modern electric chimney has a chimney hood mounted directly over the gas burner. Inside this kitchen chimney hood is a powerful fan which exhausts the burnt gases from the stove to the outside through a piped duct. Sending the burnt gases from the stove straight to the outside is the best solution to have healthy pollution free kitchen. This way all the burnt exhaust gasses and all the sticky burnt oil fumes and the irritating masala fumes are all directly sucked out immediately from the top of the cooking stove. Fresh air comes into the kitchen from any open window and you are always breathing in fresh air and not the polluted gas burner exhaust gasses. The kitchen will also be much cooler and comfortable. For people with asthma and other breathing problems a chimney in the kitchen is a must.

Recirculating kitchen chimneys

Some chimney hoods have filters and just re-circulate the air in the kitchen. This gets rid of some of the smells and oil fumes, but still recirculates the burnt gases, including any Carbon Monoxide within the kitchen. This is not an ideal solution. If no fresh air is coming into the kitchen while cooking, then the kitchen will get hot and stuffy in minutes and it is bad for your health.

Exhaust fans in the kitchen

An exhaust fan in the kitchen is not a complete solution. Most of the modern kitchens have exhaust fans high up on the wall away from the gas burner. Most of the time there will be a window just below the exhaust fan, and most housewives open that window thinking it will bring in fresh air. The problem is that the fresh air comes in through the window just below or near the exhaust fan, but the fresh air coming in goes straight up into the exhaust fan and only a small fraction of the burnt gasses is sucked out. This phenomena is called chunnelling, where the fresh air goes straight through the exhaust fan, and so does not remove burnt gases from the kitchen stove.

The better option with exhaust fans in the kitchen is to close any windows or openings below, near or on the same side of the wall on which the exhaust fan is fixed. You should have a cross ventilation in the kitchen, the fresh air should enter the kitchen from the opposite side of the exhaust fan, flow through the kitchen and go out through the exhaust fan. This way the hot burnt gases which rise to the top of the kitchen is sucked out by the exhaust fan and the cool fresh air entering the kitchen stays down where we are breathing the fresh air. Also you should have at least one window open in other parts of the house to allow easy flow of air from the kitchen door to the exhaust fan.

In air-conditioned flats, all the windows and doors are kept closed. In such cases open a window or the door of a bathroom which has a ventilator or an exhaust fan (keep it off) to allow fresh air to come in and flow to the kitchen, cross ventilate the kitchen and finally to take out the polluted air in the kitchen through the exhaust fan.

Advantage of Online buying of Home Appliances

Whatever Home Appliance you plan to buy, it is best to first do an online research about all available types and models on the leading online retailers in India, namely Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. The advantage of first doing an online research about products you plan to buy is that you get to see all the available models of the product and you get to compare prices online. After this you can go around to the showrooms and do window shopping.

You should then decide to buy from the cheapest and most reliable source. When buying online, you can be sure that you will not get fake products and you are assured of after sales service. This is because the giant on-line retailers arrange for delivery to your house directly through the manufacturers of the product. Due to the high volume of business from the big online retailers, all manufacturers will make sure that any delivery on behalf of the big online retailers are of the best quality and that after sales service is provided on a priority basis.

If ever you have any problems, then you can go back to these online retailers and complain. All of these big online sellers have a reputation to keep and they always make sure that all complaints are promptly solved.

Advantage of buying AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, etc. online

Buying online fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and other major kitchen appliances is now the better option in India, just like it is in the USA and other advanced countries. There are several advantages of buying online. First of all, you get unbeatable bargain prices. Secondly, you get new and genuine products. Other benefits include no interest EMI payments, able to return the product for a full refund if not satisfied, etc.

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