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What is a microwave pressure cooker and how to use it

The latest pressure cookers to hit the Indian market are Microwave Pressure cookers. The picture here shows how microwave pressure cookers look like. On this page we shall review microwave pressure cooker in India

Microwave pressure cooker in India

Prestige Microwave Pressure Cooker
Prestige Microwave Pressure Cooker

These pressure cookers are not manufactured in India but imported from the USA. Prestige Company sells microwave pressure cookers as TTK Prestige PRMPC4R Microwave Pressure Cooker with a capacity of 4 Liters and in Red colour. The Prestige microwave pressure cooker price in India is about Rs.5,500-.

Microwave Pressure cookers in India are imported and may not be available all the time. Price is about ₹ 8,900-. Amazon India imports it from the USA against orders. Check its availability on the Amazon India website

Tupperware microwave pressure cooker

Tupperware microwave pressure cooker is the most famous but is also the most expensive. Several other good models of microwave pressure cookers are available on the Amazon main USA website. This is the link to see all models of microwave pressure cookers available in USA

The following video will give you an idea on how to use microwave pressure cooker.

Video: How to use microwave pressure cooker

Do microwave pressure cookers work? Are microwave pressure cookers safe?

Pressure cookers cook faster because water boils at a higher temperature due to the higher pressure inside a pressure cooker. The water boiling point temperature depends on the pressure in the pressure cooker. At higher pressures the boiling point of water increases. In a normal steel or aluminium pressure cooker, the pressure inside the pressure cooker can reach 15 psi (psi=Pounds per square inch; 15psi = about 1 Kg/cm2). At 15 psi the boiling point of water is about 120°C.

A microwave pressure cooker is made of safe heat-resistant plastic but is not as strong as steel or aluminium. So the maximum pressure in a microwave pressure cooker is only about 4 psi. At 4 psi the boiling point of water is approximately 105°C, which just above the 100°C water boiling point in open vessels.

Microwave pressure cooker cooking times

One would not expect the microwave pressure cooker to cook fast at the 105°C boiling point of water. But in practice the microwave pressure cooker cooks much faster than ordinary pressure cookers. This is because, in the microwave oven, the food gets heated from the inside. Microwaves penetrate through the plastic body of the microwave pressure cooker and go into the food and excite the molecules in the food. This generates heat inside the food and the temperature of the food rises rapidly. In open vessels in a microwave, the food does not get heated evenly, there will be hot spots within the food. In a microwave pressure cooker, the food is surrounded by steam under pressure in a sealed container with no heat escaping. So the whole food gets rapidly heated up, and the food cooks fast. How good or tender food is cooked depends on the temperature reached within the food. In a microwave pressure cooker, a high temperature within the food is reached much faster than in regular pressure cooker.

In a typical pressure cooker, the heat is conducted from the gas flame or electrical heater through the aluminium or steel body of the pressure cooker. The heat then gets transferred to the water in the pressure cooker. The water requires some time to get enough heat to boil. The food gets heated by the surrounding water from the outside. Food items like meat, vegetables, etc. are not good conductors of heat. So it takes some time for the heat from outside of the food to penetrate into the centre of the food. For the food to become fully cooked and tender, the inside of the food must reach the outside water temperature. Thus where ordinary pressure cooker with a higher pressure and higher water boiling temperature takes one hour to cook the food, the microwave pressure cooker will cook the same food in less than half the time.

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